Do you need accurate measurements to track people and objects?

With AMORPH.senses you will get measurements with millimeter precision and in compliance with data protection regulations.


Watch our video about the revolution of measurement technology with 3D perception software.

People and object tracking with LiDAR sensors

{LiDAR – laser imaging, detection, and ranging}

With AMORPH.senses you get the precision of LiDAR combined with advanced perception and analysis software to provide detailed situational and operational insights.

With AMORPH.senses it is possible to identify and track people and objects in real-time.

No privacy concerns

Lower costs per m2

Mobile & Wireless

Dynamic queue detection

No hardware dependency

Operational alerts

From Planning to Realization

AMORPH.senses is an end-2-end solution, including the tools to simulate
a deployment to identify the optimal quantity and placement of sensors.

To ensure project success and reduce cost AMORPH.senses also includes a freely available online LiDAR planning tool.

Using the tool, one can configure:

  • Building layout
  • Visual obstacles in the monitored areas
  • Typical crowd densities
  • Proposed quantity and position of sensors

The output of the LiDAR planner:

  • Fit-for-purpose mix of sensor types
  • Optimal allocation per sensor type
  • Use-case oriented allocation
  • Clear investment determination

The plug & play kit is pre-built with all components required to immediately start people and/or object tracking and providing situational awareness.

The kit consists of:

  • Metal case
  • Easy mounting kits (multiple versions for different installations)
  • WiFi & 4G/5G edge computing device
  • Integrated power supply
  • The LiDAR sensor

Only a power source is needed to make it run!

The Solution

AMORPH.senses is a complete 3D perception solution that ingests and processes data from LiDAR sensors, identifies and classifies people and objects, tracks their position and movement, and analyzes that data to provide detailed status and performance intelligence to support operational decision-making.

Ingestion of LiDAR raw data

LiDAR sensors scan a space with laser beams and measure the time for the reflected light from objects in the space to return to the receiver. The collected data is called a point cloud which is a discrete set of data points in space that may represent a 3D shape or object. AMORPH.senses ingests this raw 3D point cloud data from any brand or model of sensor and makes it available for real-time processing.

AMORPH.senses ingestion layer enables:

  • Using the right sensor at the right place / No technology and/or hardware-vendor lock
  • Expandable cascading and/or mesh designs of sensors for covering unlimited area sizes 
  • Configurable levels of collected data and integral data flow security
  • Precise data collection regardless of lighting conditions
  • Collection of millions of data points per second providing high resolution over a long range
  • Measurement precision within millimeters

Real-time data processing

The AMORPH.senses 3D perception software processes and conditions the raw LiDAR data to overcome challenges such as shadowing effects, mirroring effects, and overlapping images in high density areas.

AMORPH.senses provides real-time processing for:

  • Point cloud filtering & conditioning
  • Object 3D Mesh upscaling
  • People and object detection
  • People and object classification
  • People and object tracking, and trajectory prediction
  • Behavior identification

Operational analytics

The conditioned data is analysed to address specific use cases and provide customers with real-time visualization of process-point performance with tailored KPIs, operational status updates and alerts, for comprehensive situational awareness. For added value customers can also integrate the data with other customer systems using available APIs.

AMORPH.senses provides real-time business analytics for:

  • Queue size​
  • Average processing time ​
  • Average wait time​
  • Maximum wait time​
  • Predicted times
  • Status alerts​
  • Irregular object or movement detection
  • Entry counts​
  • Exit counts​
  • Volume/fill level measurements
  • Velocity measurements
  • Social distancing measurement
  • Tracking through multiple zones

Main Features

  • Highly accurate end-to-end tracking of people & objects
  • No data privacy concerns
  • Capability to measure beyond a predefined queuing area
  • Dynamic queue detection, even in areas without demarcated lanes
  • Analysis of people’s behavior and object status
  • Differentiation between public & staff
  • Reduced costs with fewer sensors, consistent mounting height, and wireless connection
  • Removable, mobile installations for temporary measurements
  • Sensor deployment simulation for accurate project planning
  • Better insights for operational decisions and data analytics
  • Stand alone solution but it is also fully integrated with the cloud platform


Opt for AMORPH.senses and improve your operations with extraordinary insight!