Embarking on a transformative journey, Amorph Systems proudly shares the success story of our collaboration with Bucharest Airports in revolutionizing real-time passenger flow measurement and monitoring.

Develop Real-Time Passenger Flow System for Bucharest Airports

Bucharest Airports entrusted Amorph Systems with a clear mandate: create a digitalized system for real-time passenger counting, congestion management, and resource optimization within the Departures Terminal. Our mission was set – to develop a solution that not only elevates the passenger experience but also enhances the airport’s efficiency.

The Solution in Detail: Amorph Systems – Beyond Expectations

Amorph Systems exceeded expectations by providing a comprehensive solution. Leveraging precise measurement capabilities, our system offers real-time passenger flow measurement, queue and line measurement, service delivery assessment, waiting time analysis, and airport level of service determination. Powered by state-of-the-art technology, including two GDPR-compliant LIDAR sensors, the system remains stable against interferences such as lighting changes and shadows. The comprehensive dashboard ensures real-time visualization and measurement, historical analysis, cumulative and separate reporting, and multi-device compatibility (PCs, laptops, and mobile devices). Also, our automated alert system promptly notifies stakeholders about any changes in passenger flow, ensuring seamless integration that enhances the overall airport experience.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Amorph Systems provided a turnkey solution encompassing software, hardware, and installation. Notably, our system worked flawlessly even without AODB/TVCI and E-Gates integration, aligning with Bucharest Airport’s specific requirements.

Beyond the Contract: Going the Extra Mile

We went above and beyond, addressing ad-hoc requests not initially defined in the contract. This included adapting the dashboard for mobile accessibility, adding extra KPIs, and enhancing hardware capabilities to accommodate increased data volume during peak seasons.

Collaboration and Support: A Partnership of Trust

In fostering a partnership of trust, Amorph Systems demonstrated a collaborative spirit, offering robust support to Bucharest Airports across diverse facets. Our commitment remains steadfast, and we continue to explore opportunities for enhancing data integration and security measures. Despite these challenges, we are dedicated to comprehensive collaboration and unwavering support.

Mrs. Raluca Dutulescu - Head of Management Reporting Bucharest Airport

“With more than 23 years in the aviation field, and a strong background in airport strategy, planning and development, statistics, and privatization, doubled by a sound IATA & ACI education, I consider the collaboration with Amorph one of the easiest, professional, and valuable partnerships I have managed. “ –  Mrs. Raluca Dutulescu – Head of Management Reporting Bucharest Airports

Highlighting LiDAR Technology

An integral part of our success lies in the application of LiDAR technology. This advanced technology, featuring two GDPR-compliant sensors, ensures precise measurements while maintaining stability against external interferences, marking a significant leap in real-time passenger flow management. With AMORPH.senses, one of the most advanced object analytics and tracking perception software has been brought to market, which we have proven already in many installations during 2023. Customers like Frankfurt Airport, Toronto Airport, or KLM are already using this highly advanced technology.

Closing the Chapter with Innovation

Our journey with Bucharest Airports has been more than a collaboration; it’s a testament to the power of innovation. As we mark this chapter with the successful integration of cutting-edge LiDAR technology, we look forward to a future of continued advancements, setting new standards in the aviation industry.