Revolutionizing Airport Experiences with LiDAR: AMORPH SYSTEMS and FraAlliance Partnership

In a dynamic collaboration, Amorph Systems, a pioneering technology company, joined forces with FraAlliance GmbH to support an innovative project at Frankfurt Airport. This progressive initiative, known as the Lab Gate, aims to transform the passenger experience by providing an enhanced gamification and entertainment experience at Frankfurt airport. Utilizing the advanced AMORPH.senses LiDAR solution, the success of this project is made visible and measurable.

FraAlliance LAB Gate

FraAlliance GmbH, in collaboration with Fraport AG and Lufthansa, launched the Lab Gate at Frankfurt Airport’s Terminal 1, specifically at Gate B43. This 50 sqm experience area serves as an innovation testing environment with a laboratory-like character. The principal aim of the Lab Gate is to swiftly test a variety of use cases that will improve passenger satisfaction and augment the quality of their stay.

Through the Lab Gate, passengers are encouraged to explore surrounding stores and make better use of their dwell time. To engage passengers further, the FRAwards #B43 campaign incorporates gaming, offering mini-games where passengers earn points that can be exchanged for attractive discount coupons redeemable at participating partners.

In conjunction with the gaming case, FraAlliance is testing the LiDAR solution, a GDPR-compliant method for measuring passenger flow and behavior. FraAlliance employs specific KPIs and dashboards for evaluation purposes. They assess the number of visitors and the number of passengers who pause at the Lab Gate and they monitor the time duration that each passenger spends within the Lab Gate. These insights are invaluable for the continuous improvement of the Lab Gate and for enhancing the overall passenger experience.

With FraAlliance, Fraport, and Lufthansa continuously generating innovative ideas, the Lab Gate remains a vibrant space for passenger-centric testing. Those visiting the Lab Gate are in for plenty of exhilarating experiences. Among them is a racing simulator, which reproduces the high-speed thrills of Formula 1. There is also a unique vending machine that cleverly merges digital and analog realms. It offers engaging games and tempting rewards, enhancing your overall experience.

Unlocking Potential with LiDAR Technology

Working hand in hand with FraAlliance, AMORPH.senses seamlessly integrated its LiDAR technology into the Lab Gate. LiDAR technology uses light beams that when reflected, create a 3D image of the surrounding area. In order to use this so-called “Point cloud”, perception software like AMORPH.senses is needed to interpret, classify and track the different objects detected. With AMORPH.senses’ LiDAR solution, FraAlliance acquired the capability to monitor various key performance indicators (KPIs). User-friendly and smart dashboards facilitate quick evaluation of the current situation and enable detailed historical analysis.

FraAlliance can effortlessly monitor the movement of potential Lab Gate visitors within and around the designated areas. The technology also allows them to measure how many passengers paused at the Lab Gate and provides insights into dwell times. Overall, it helps to understand passenger preferences within the Lab Gate.

Enhancing the Airport Experience

The implementation of LiDAR technology brought a lot of benefits to FraAlliance and Frankfurt Airport. Through the intuitive dashboards, FraAlliance could effortlessly monitor the movement of potential Lab Gate visitors within and around the designated areas. Also, the technology allowed them to measure how many passengers paused at the Lab Gate. It also provided insights into dwell times. Furthermore, it helped in comprehending passenger preferences within the Lab Gate.

Data-Driven Decisions and Continuous Innovation

AMORPHs’ collaboration with FraAlliance goes beyond providing a cutting-edge technology solution. It aims to foster continuous innovation at Frankfurt Airport by leveraging the combined expertise of major industry players such as Lufthansa and Fraport. The Lab Gate is a hub for testing new ideas and services that directly address customer needs. By leveraging the power of data collected through LiDAR technology, FraAlliance can make data-driven decisions to continually enhance the overall airport experience.


The collaboration between AMORPH SYSTEMS and FraAlliance has contributed to the success of the Lab Gate project and provides valuable insights into passenger flow, behavior, and preferences. This emphasizes the benefit of collaboration and data-informed decision-making in molding the future of airport travel.  Together we can do more!

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